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I Like Mike!

Posted by tiltiblog on February 3, 2009

Tomlin that is, and he is a Winner!  He’s a young coach, he’s a black coach, he’s a winning coach.  Young!  Black!  A Winner!  Kind of a new American theme?

Not only is Mike Tomlin the ring-having coach of Super Bowl 43‘s winning team–The Pittsburgh Steelers, yinz–he’s also a dead ringer for actor Omar Epps, of House fame.  Some of my readers, were they to exist, would commence eye-roll here; Sports Guys and Gals have been saying this since Cowher left the Steelers 2 years ago.  But with the ‘Bowl being the Much Ballyhooed Event that it is, this irrefutable fact will soon become common knowledge.

That said, I could only find 171 results when I searched for the exact phrase “Mike Tomlin looks like Omar Epps”…what the eff, Internet??  And poor Omar: reversing the name order got me a skimpy 3 results.  So: I am here to do my part to spread this irrefutable truth across the Internet!

Oh and my beloved Internet did me right in one respect today: It enabled me to screen- capture this gem and really–be you sports fan, House fan or none of the above–you have to acknowledge that this is straight crazy:

Completely Uncanny

Completely Uncanny

But before you Stills fans start fantasy-casting the rest of the players in The Tomlin Story: A Tale of Young Black Winningness, I have some sad news: Epps kept that ruse going for a hot second.  He didn’t want to wear the hat, yinz.  For Omar is…he is…a…(sadness!) Dallas Cowboys fan.

I’ll give you a moment.

I enjoyed Love and Basketball?

More completely ludicrous Epps musings: I wonder if his role on House (since ’04) and Mekhi Phifer’s role on ER (since ’02) have some people thinking they’re the same person.  They don’t look alike but they are almost the same age.  I’m not saying there can only be one black doctor on TV, I’m just saying.  Pass it on!

And finally, in other shiny ring news, how on earth did I miss this?  Oh, I would have worn that every day of my life.  Especially to work!


One Response to “I Like Mike!”

  1. Shannon Tipton said

    I saw Tomlin’s speech the morning or afternoon before the Super Bowl. It was amazing. For the life of me, I cannot find a link to it on the internet. Not one that works anyway. I can’t seem to find a printed transcript either. Can you help?

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